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Borysenko, Joan  Minding the Body, Mending the Mind  
Bronson, Po  What should I do with My Life?  
Browne, Joy  Nobody's Perfect  
Callahan, John  Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot  
Capra, Fritjof  Uncommon Wisdom  
Colgrove, Melba; Harold Bloomfield & Peter McWilliams How to Survive the Loss of a Love  
Dodson, Betty  Sex for One  
Feldman, Robert  The Liar in Your Life  
Greenburg, Dan & Marcia Jacobs How to Make Yourself Miserable for the Rest of the Century  
Kroeger, Otto  & Janet Thuesen Type Talk  
Lewis, David  One-Minute Stress Management  
LoVerde, Marry  Stop Screaming at the Microwave!  
McKay, Matthew; Martha Davis, & Patrick Fanning Taking Control of Your Moods and Your Life  
Miller, Alice  Free from Lies  
Nussbaum, Paul  Save Your Brian  
Roetzel, Bernhard  Gentleman's Guide  
Singer, Peter  Writings on an Ethical Life  
Smith, Harold  Grieving the Death of a Friend  
Spence, Gerry  Seven Simple Steps to Personal Freedom  
Stafford, Tom  & Matt Webb Mind Hacks  
Viorst, Judith It's Hard to be Hip over Thirty and Other Tragedies of Married Life  
Visuddhacara Drinking Tea Living Life  
Zukav, Gary  The Seat of the Soul