All undergraduate majors and concentrations are eligible to minor in LGBT Studies at UNT. The minor requires completion of 18 hours selected from a list of multidisciplinary academic courses, including 6 advanced hours (3000 level or higher). Courses across the curriculum address the impact of sexual attitudes and behaviors on history, politics, social arrangements, artistic and literary creation, and conceptions of the self.

Students investigate the ways in which human sexuality has been shaped by medical and scientific discourse, economic imperatives, philosophy, religion, law, politics, art, visual culture and literature. The LGBT Studies steering committee meets annually to evaluate course offerings to be included in the minor.

To find out more about the program, please email, or talk to Dr. Mark Vosvick, department of psychology, in Terril Hall. To sign up for the LGBT minor, talk to your college advisor about being part of the program. 

*Courses listed are subject to availability and may change without notice. Please meet with an advisor to ensure credit will be given for courses taken. Email us if there are any other courses that should be included. 

Registration Dates

Summer Listings 2018

JOUR 4250 Race, Gender and the Media
JOUR 5210 Race, Gender and the Media
PSYC 4470 Psychology and Sexual Behavior
PSYC 4670 Behavioral & Biopsychosocial Challenges within LGBT Communities
SOCI 4240 Sociology of Sexuality
SOCI 4250 Gender and Society

Spring Listings 2018

AEAH 4812 Modernism and the Visual Arts 1890-1945
COMM 4140 Gender and Communication 
ENGL 3430 British Literature to 1780
ENGL 3440 British and Anglophone Literature 1780 to Present 
HIST 4310 Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe
HIST 4470 US Women Since 1900
HLTH 2200 Family Life and Human Sexuality 
JOUR 4250 Race, Gender and the Media
PSYC  4470 Psychology and Sexual Behavior 
PSYC 4849 Psychology of Race in the US
SOCI  4250 Gender and Society 


Fall Listings 2017

AGER 4750 Sexuality & Aging 
AEAH 4812 Modernism and the Visusal Arts
AEAH 5800 Art Histroy Methods
COMM 4540 Communication Theory of Sexuality 
ENGL 3430 Bristish Literature to 1780
ENGL 3440 Bristish Literature II
ENGL 4433 Special Seminar- Gender Trouble 
HIST 4460 History of Sexualities 
HIST 4461 Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe
HLTH 2200 Human Sexuality 
PSYC 4300 Psychosocial Issues in HIV/AIDS 
PSYC 4470 Sexual Behavior 
PSYC  4849 Topics in Psychology 
MRTS 4540 Gay/Queer Film/Video
SOCI  4250 Gender and Society 


Full Listing of Courses

AGER   4750   Sexuality & Aging  One of the most pervasive myths of aging is that older people are non-sexual. This course challenges popular stereotypes and examines sexual attitudes, activity and behavior as people age. In addition to common social beliefs and attitudes that may affect the opportunity for sexual expression among older adults, biological changes and sexual response are explored, as are other aspects of intimacy important to aging individuals.
AEAH 4812 Modernism and the Visual Arts 1890-1945  Explores the relationship of works of “modern” visual art, including their development, interpretation, and use, as well as historical, social and cultural conditions of “modernity” in Europe and North and South America, ca. 1890–1945.
AEAH 5800 Art History Methods  
COMM 4140 Gender and Communication Exploration of the connections between gender, rhetoric and public culture. Analyzing rhetorical constructions of gender in American discourses including politics, race and sexuality, in contexts that include public protests, speeches, movies, poetry, television and music.


4540 Communication Theories of Sexuality  Examines the ways in which sexuality is constituted through (public) discourses. Uses critical theories to investigate rhetorics that sustain multiple and intersecting sexual identities and gender performances, and apply to everyday experiences with popular culture. Topics addressed include the rhetorical construction and disciplining of heteronormativity, homonormativity, heterosexual and queer sexualities, as well as performances of masculinity and femininity.
ENGL 3430 British Literature to 1780 A broad survey of British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the late-18th century; includes the study of a variety of literary genres and traditions.
ENGL 3440 Radical Women of Albion: British Women's Literature of the 20th Century A broad survey of British and Anglophone literature from the Romantic period to the present; includes the study of a variety of literary genres, movements and traditions.
ENGL 3910 Special Studies in Literture Selected major authors, significant literary periods, thematically related literary works or topics of interest.
ENGL 3911 Topics in British Literature  Consideration of genres, themes, movements, authors and their relationship to the cultural contexts of the age.



Special Seminar in Literature or Language  Study of a major author, topic or genre in literature or language that extends the scope of traditional offerings. May be repeated for credit as topics vary. May be used to fulfill a requirement for the Jewish studies minor when taught as “The Bible as Literature.”
HIST 3770 Ancient and Medieval Women, Gender, and Sexuality  Study of women, gender and sexuality in ancient and medieval civilization, approached through primary sources from the Ancient Near East (including the Hebrew Bible), Greece, Rome, early Christianity and the Middle Ages.
HIST 4470 U.S. Women Since 1900 Women’s daily lives, work and modern feminism; differences and divisions among women.
HIST 4460 History of Sexualities  How concepts about sexuality changed and how sexuality relates to ideologies, identities and major trends like nation-building, the Enlightenment, slavery, capitalism, imperialism, urbanization and professionalism.
HIST 4461 Gender, Race, Class and Policy since WWII Topical survey of United States history since 1941. Focuses on the interplay among identities, ideologies and policies. Identities focus foremost on gender, race and class while themes include (1) the roles of media, economics, public figures, and activists; (2) the relationships among government, business, and the general public; (3) the federal government’s expansion; and (4) U.S. interaction with the rest of the world.
HIST 4310 Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe  Covers the mid-16th to late 18th centuries; controversies generated by women’s political influence, forces shaping masculinity and femininity, regulation of sexual behavior, and the impact of sexuality on individual identities before 19th-century psychologists articulated the notion of sexual orientation.


2200  Family, Life and Human Sexuality  Emphasizes issues related to sexual health from historical, physiological, psychological, social and cross-cultural perspectives. Incorporates a multicultural, multiethnic perspective on human sexuality, reflecting the diversity of sexual experiences in our society and world.


4250/5210 Race, Gender and the Media  Students critically analyze media portrayals of race, gender, sexuality and class and learn to use scholarly research methods to evaluate them. Students examine historical and modern patterns in news media, advertising, television, film, video gaming, popular music, and other mass media. Discussion and writing are major components to this class.
PSCI 3140 LGBT Politics  Explores the development and the political implications of the LGBTQ rights movement in the United States, with a goal toward understanding the role of this movement in pluralistic, contemporary political life.


4670/5670 Biopsychosocial Issues in LGBT Populations  Understanding the health-related behaviors and psychosocial factors associated with sexual minorities (LGBT: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered), primarily in the U.S. Designed for healthcare workers, educators, service providers and individuals who work with or are interested in LGBT communities.


4300/5300 Psychosocial Issues in HIV/AIDS Examination of the psychosocial factors that are related to health-related behaviors in both healthy people and people living with HIV/AIDS. Prepares students who expect to pursue careers in health service fields (e.g.psychologists, physicians, biologists, dentists, etc.) to be conscious of issues that HIV-positive people face daily. Students interested in HIV/AIDS as a social phenomenon are encouraged to enroll.
PSYC 4470 Psychology and Sexual Behavior  Impact of psychosocial factors on development and expression of human sexuality.
PSYC  4849 Topics in Psychology This course, is designed to exploreracial diversity concepts through highly interactive class discussiong, group tasks, key readings, and application to current local and national affairs. Course content will be ground in psychological theory and research, and historical understanding of how race has been socially constructed and situated in the US. 


4530 Gender and Sexuality in the Horror Film Examines the history of the horror film, focusing on issues related to how the genre configures gender and sexuality.


4540 Lesbian, Gay and Queer Film and Video Examines the representation of lesbian, gay and queer characters and concerns throughout the history of American film.
SOCI 4240 Sociology of Sexuality  Sexuality and how it is perceived, defined and experienced in the context of society. Course explores sexuality as a social and historical construction and focuses on how sexuality influences our lives as reflected in social norms, attitudes and beliefs, and through public and private policies and practices.
SOCI 4250 Gender and Society  Analyzes gender as a major social institution which intersects with all other institutions, especially the family, work, religion, politics and education. Stresses programs to change the unequal treatment of women and men in these areas. Surveys contemporary changes and cultural variability in gender role definitions.
SPAN 4430 Sexualities in Contemporary Spanish Cinema  Study of sexualities in contemporary Spanish cinema in the light of the socio-political and historical context of Spain, carried out in relation to topics such as gender, identity, class, politics, feminism.